Welcome to my Blog, its a quick way for me to get stuff of my chest, talk about my work as a wedding and portrait photographer, and moan about having to lose some weight. I am rubbish at spelling, so I apologise in advance if some of it doesn't make sense, but being the creative type, grammer never really bothered me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It seems like ages since I last posted anything.....thats because it was.

Lets face it, the last few weeks have been a bit miserable, all the doom and gloom about the economy, the trouble in Gaza and who ha about Prince Harry and video camera......

Well I say stuff it, why on earth should we all be miserable, just because some idiots decided to throw all our money away.....I think we should all do ourselves a favour and go treat someone we love.  A family member, a friend or even a pet.  Lets go out and make someone feel special, even if its only the Goldfish.

To make it all a bit easier on everyone, I have decided to run a pet promotion to get everyone started in the New Year.  If you want to portray a poodle, capture a cat, or snap a snail, give me a shout and I will photograph your pet(whatever it is....so long as it is not likely to eat me)in my studio for free until the end of February.  Normally a studio session would set you back £65, but for the next few weeks its free for a limited number of clients.  I can only open this up to the next 12 clients, as my studio is already booking up fast, but if you get in quick you should be able to benefit from this great offer.  Not only that, but the first 4 people to arrange a studio portrait of the their family pet will also get a voucher worth £25 to go towards any further prints they order, thats a total saving of £90 on normal prices!!!

So if you want to cheer somebody up sharpish, and save your money at the same time, organise a trip to my studio before the gloom settles in for good.....lets just be thankful we are not the worlds most powerful man and we have just heard we are being made redundant........

Sunday, November 30, 2008



Photos make wonderful gifts for friends and family. Take this opportunity to have a beautiful baby or family portrait for only £25.


Call Paul on 01636 650954

To take advantage of this one time offer you must book an appointment before 14th December, otherwise you will miss out and will not get your prints before Christmas.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lucy and Gary at Newstead Abbey

Lets face it, a Wedding Photographers worst nightmare is bad weather, sometimes the thought of rain can keep me awake at night and sure enough, i had a terrible nights sleep wondering whether or not saturday's wedding was going to be a wash out. Thankfully, despite some pretty impressive clouds and a very grey sky we managed to get away without having to drag out the umbrellas.

Gary and Lucy were married in the Orangery at Newstead Abbey, a wonderful location surounded by Cloistered halls and lush walled gardens, so really I didn't have any excuses for not getting a some great photographs.
Yet again I was able to use my portable lighting, which actually made a huge difference with some of the portraits, especially this rather dramatic shot of Lucy in her wonderful wedding dress.
Later we all descended on Lucy's parents home for a great party in their garden. After a short speech and hog roast dinner, everyone got down to enjoying the evening, including myself.

I even spent a little while giving photographic tips to some of the guests....doing myself out of a job....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Storm Clouds needn't neccesarily ruin a photograph

The other day I had the pleasure of photographing Stacey. Stacey had seen my work on Facebook and had approached me to photograph her 'just for fun'. Despite some recent stormy weather, Stacey was happy to work outside to achieve the look I was after.

After several email conversations, about being nervous, and not knowing what to wear, Stacey came down to my photographic studio in Newark to show me a selection of outfits she had chosen, and with the help of Make-up Artist Clare Allen, we chose a lovely soft summery dress to contrast with the impending storm brewing on the horizon.

Clare and Stacey spent a few moments finishing make-up and sorting out hair(not something I have any experience in!) before we all made our way down the road to an abandoned tennis court near to where I live. I had already decided what I wanted to acheive, so I set up my Lumedynes and Pocket Wizards and started shooting. Stacey was wonderful, despite a few nerves at the start of the shoot, she was soon in the swing of it all, even sitting in the long grass despite not knowing what was living in there....

Before long I had a great set of images, just as the sun started to set, the weather worsened and we called it a night. Thankfully, we had achieved everything I set out to do, and more. Stacey and Clare were both fantastic and I would be more than appy to work with them both again.....just hope they like the photos.
Website Problems........ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH

Just thought I would let you know that we are having a few issues with our main website. Its currently off-line. We are in the process of moving the site to a different server and there have been a few unforeseen issues, but all being well we should be sorted in a couple of days. Please check back soon....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big lights, big hats and big smiles......
I haven't blogged much about wedding photography in a while, but after reviewing a wonderful wedding I shot this weekend I felt I had to put something on my blog about this particular wedding.

Laura and David are an amazing couple, from the very first time I met them I felt this couple would be special together and sure enough, when it came to the wedding day, they didn't disappoint. The wedding was held at a little church in Orston, near to where I live in Newark, it wasn't a big wedding, but it was well attended by plenty of close family friends and relatives, the church was lovely, well lit and spacious making the photography a dream. I did strugle at one point, Lesley, Laura's mom, wore a stunning hat, which really set her outfit off well, but also hid her face when in profile, but even so, both Laura and Lesley looked stunning in their outfits....

The weather was glorious, I was sweating buckets in my suit, but the wedding was relaxed enough I felt comfortable enough taking my jacket and tie off later in the day, which was very welcome, as was the the elderflower cordial....

It wasn't long before I felt the creative juices flowing and I cracked open myLumedyne lights and set about overpowering the daylight, which worked extremely well gainst the blue skies..

Laura and David let me play to my hearts content and seemed to enjoy the portrait session more than most, we got some great photos of them together., as well as a few individual portraits, Laura's smile really lifted the photographs....she has the most beautiful natural smile that comes across in almost every picture....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Born to Rock !!!!!!!!

Well not exactly, but I do like my music, and its even better when I can mix it with a bit of photography. Occasionally I do get asked to photograph local musicians for promotional material and once again I had the pleasure of meeting the guys from Cause of Chaos, a rock band from Newark.

Anyway, I will let the pictures do the talking, hope you guys like 'em...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Something a bit different...

I like to get to know my portrait clients as well as I can before I photograph them, this allows me to give them the best possible service, as well as provde a set of images that are special to them and not just a generic posed portrait straight out of a catalogue. I believe that everyone of my clients is an individual and should be photographed to show of their personality, this might include using personal possesions as props or photographing them in a favourite location. In the example above, I photographed my friend Chantelle wearing a pair of headphones as I know just how much she enjoys her music.....